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stick a baseball bat in my ass?

wow. are you dreading this coming week? cause i sure am. my mum left for this thing for work like 10 minutes ago for the week, and we've already had some baby-mama-drama up in herre. my dad is near usless, other than his pay check, of course. i dont really feel like explaining the past 5 second's baby-mama, but you'll hear PLENTY of it before the week is over.

softball yesterday, mmmmmm, i love it. we had our first tourney, i did fine, a few hits, steals and some nice catches- nothing really impressive tho, (other than get a little tan) but i'm only 1/16 of the team. we won our first game ever! yay! we got mercied in game one, then won, then lost. 4th. not too shabby for having as little experience as a lot of our team does. nice job ladies. i played every inning of every game, which i'm not gonna lie, i loved. but when i got home, wow i was so amazingly tired. i took a shower, watched the last 2/3 of the wedding singer that i didnt finish friday night. then fell asleep at 5...and woke up at 7. 14 hours of sleep, amazing. if i had that much every night, i'd be a MUCHO happier person.

friday was fun. we didn't have practice :( cause coach had a family emergency, but we stayed and played for like 10 minutes. then everyone else left and went to go watch the JV game. me and z stayed back and i caught for her. her pitching is getting better. after like 5 minutes, these 3 little boys come and i staring at us and making annoying comments about how we pitch underhand. after liek another 12 minutes, they as if they can play with us. so we play with them for like 30-45 minutes. then as we were leaving, i go to get my bag and z is still on the field and one of the little rats askes her for her and my name and shes tells him, then he asks for her number, wihtout thinking about the question (especially cause it came from an eleven year old_ zoy said 13. however, he meant her phone number, when she refuses, he comes over to be and says what about you?, whats yours?....ahhhh? illegal please? i played it cool (like the pimpette i am) and said that we'd see them again soon and that they should come and watch us.
after that, zoy and i walked to community fields and watched a little JV and tossed around with paulina and jessica/jackie (sorry guys). this man turns to us and yells at us, so we go behind the bleachers and paulina and j/j tell us that they had seen him hit his kid before, i hate that. so we played for a bit more and when the game was over we walked back to zoya's and paulina's terry came and got us. 40 minutes later i went to go pick up pauli and z and we went to moose joose. (which i still call moosejaw every now and again) i really wanted to see in all honesty, and they were awesome. augustine, amazing as usual. also ODR was really good, what else is new? when ODR started playing, pauli z and i went and nearly fell asleep on a couch, (not cause we were bored, but cause we were super tired). somehow tho, paulina and zoya got on the topic of dancing, ballroom dancing. so paulina was teaching zoy how to box step, then paulina and eric were dancing and zoya and i got it one. i must say, i am quite the dancer. then ODR was done and we decided to go home (we were gonna go to church, but it was too late, no not really-i was kidding) so we called my dad (my lady was off) and he came and got russell, zoy and pauli and i and we went to get slurppies....mmmm so good. after we dropped them off i came home, and hung out with myself and watched part of wedding singer and went to sleep.

ok, so i did my weekend a little out of order here. oh well, youre smart-you can figure it out

now i have to do 5 weeks of history, cause ms allen doesnt check for it in class.

not sure what else to say.

ok i'm done.
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