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If I was a cowboy in a lynch mob, i think i'd try to stay near the back.

Wouldn't you?

4 February
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Bios are for rejects.
80's prom dresses, 80s movies, acdc, aerosmith, alice in wonderland, arguing, art, bass, big hugs, birthdays, bob dylan, books, bowling, bra shopping, british accents, british invasion, cake (the band), cake (the food), cheese, chinese food, chips & salsa, christmas vacation, classic rock, coca cola, comedy central, converses, cute love songs, dave matthews band, daydreaming, debating, degrassi, drawing, dvds, edgar allan poe, elton john, elvis, fabrizio morretti, fall, family guy, felix the cat, feminism, girl rock bands, good 80's music, guitar, guys, high-fives, hippies, hugs, i love the 70s, i love the 80s, ice cream, interests are for rejects, jim morrison, jimi hendrix, jimmy neutron, jimmy page, john lennon, john mayer, laughing, learning, led zeppelin, life, lip gloss, listening, little kid movies, looking at photographs, lynyrd skynyrd, marilyn monroe, mick jagger, molly ringwald movies, monty python, music, national lampoon, new york, nickelodeon, oar, old school, over-analyzing, paul mccartney, paul simon, people watching, philosophy, photography, quality flicks, queen, rain, reading, rhcp, rock, rolling stones, sarcasm, saturday night live, sg2k4, shakespeare, shoes, shopping, silk screen paintings, simon and garfunkel, skiing, sleeping, slurpees, smiling, snow, snowboarding, softball, stevie wonder, strip hide and seek, super troopers, swedish fish, tamakwa, tenacious d, the 60s, the 70s, the 80s, the beatles, the doors, the eagles, the princess bride, the strokes, the who, theatre, thinking, thrift shops, thrifting, tom petty, trampolines, vh1, vintage, vintage clothes, vinyl, violins, volleyball, walks, watching (good)movies, watermelon, wayne's world, weezer, wet hot american summer, will ferrell, wizard of oz, woodstock, yes, zoolander