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one more day?...four more years.

four more years. four more years of job loss. four more years of expensive health care for those who can't affored it. four more years of tax cuts for the rich and none for the poor. four more years of anti-abortion laws. four more years of gay marriage beeing seen as a sin. four more years of going to hell, cause i don't believe in Jesus Christ. four more years of war. four more years of people dying of illnesses that could have been cured with the help of stem cells. four more years of perscription drug costs going up. four more years of people having to chose between medicine and food. four more years of a lowering economy. four more years of college tuition costs rising. four more years of beheadings and tourture in Iraq. four more years of the minimum wage beoming more and more minimum. four more years of what? four more years of Bush. Canada, Oh Canada.
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November 8 2004, 20:40:00 UTC 12 years ago

itd actually be 4 more months, not one day :/
first of all, the inauguration is 79 days from election day, thus making it not 4 months, but 2 months and 19 days (month=appx 30 days).

looking back on the history of our government, not a lot can be completed in 2.63 months. congress would not approve any new programs or significant growth on those existing because the president wouldnt have been around long enough to see them through. Even the congress with a republican majority, who favors our current president, would know better.
continuing on the above comment. was the number of months that you thought would have been left, all that you got out of the summary of what this evil man has and is doing to our nation? if so then i pity you. i talk about people dying, living lives without the necesities and all you can think about is some fact of yours that isnt even true? does the pain and suffering not at all bother you? i guess not. its people like you who i group with the USA's horrible president.


November 10 2004, 23:38:12 UTC 12 years ago

hmm. i understand your point.

correcting you made me as bad as george bush.

get a liiife.
your correction was not need, seeing as there was nothing to correct.