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the beatles are a really good band. although this is common knowledge, i dont think that i have really closely listened enough to completely and fully appreciate them. now i do.

school, eh. i don't hate anyone or anything, just really dislike. For example.
-Ms. Isabel, for affectionatly known as ms. isabitch to many of
her students. i just don't like her, as a person, teacher, etc.
what a dull human.
-The subject of math. although i really like mr. ross, and the
people in my class, i just cant deal with math. one cannot argue
one's point. it is either right or wrong. i don't like it. and
perosnally, i dont care what the slope is, what x equals or
anything of the like. However, on a more positive math note, i
do enjoy arithmatic, adding, multiplying...o yeah, thats the
good stuff.
-I love language. I love to travel. I hope to one day work at the
N, to be an ambassador, amoung other things. Therefore, i am
taking both French and Spanish. I have a feeling that i will not
be learning much french this year. So far the things that i have
learned in French are....1-do not drink dasani water, which i am
not a fan of already, if you would like an 'a' in french. 2-ms.
thompson "like to get wild" 3-ms.thompson almost hooked up with
one of my many ex-au pairs, julian.
Yeah i know.

well i'll continue complaining after i do some homework.
this entry is getting too long for comfort.
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