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"we got mercied"

-the OTHER team

So its somewhat old news, who cares? its GOOD news.

wowzie, i havent updated in a while.
i've been icky sicky for a while
i am really going to have to work hard in school cause i have been fucking around like no other. I'm trying to do my bio right now, well i've actually sort of quit, but i have NO clue what the heck hes talking about in some of these possible essays! Like when did we observe worms?!? anyone? anyone? no? yeah i didnt think so!
if you'd like to help, lemme know.

my stomach hurts

the number 127 is an interesting number
the possibilites are ENDLESS
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flat worms.

ringing a bell?

but the bell is loud, annoying, usless and ringing at about 530 on a monday morning.

wow that sounded a bit like a description of ms moore's voice!
How about... 1 more 27 days until sg2k4?

much love

GOOD 1(27)
hey love. i heard u called but i only have ur number in my cell which is out of juice at the moment. ill call when it comes back to life. by the way, new cell # is 2598214.loveu
i couldn't find you today. :(
I'm so sorry!

i didnt know if you had gotten my messege, so i was like, "oh shes prolly booked for the next 89873453029 lunches"

the end

im very sorry

Deleted comment

Deleted comment

wow. we DO have a lot.

what about studying tho? that sticks. i wish we didnt have to. id be cool to know everything that we had to for finals......riiiiiight....NOW....sorry. i was rambling.

is your icon a guy or a girl?
is it the girl whose in the original parents trap?
or not . . .
it's the boy from peter pan.
Oh Joelle, you crack me up... like at lunch.
i still feel bad about lunch.

if youre availible soon, do you wanna walk to royal oak and lunch and go into stores that wont be there for more than 6 months?

call yo.