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its good to see you here again, i thought you almost died.

i wanted to update. but i didnt, until i had a lot of work to do.

this morning i didnt go to any of my classes, cause my mom is cool. i was supposed to go to the doc's to have him look at my head cause i couldnt see straight and i was all wobbly. (i got hit at practice yesterday)but instead, i just slept. when my lady woke me up, i finished my spansih project and history. i had my lady deliver my spansih project, but i went in to do our history project. it went REALLY well. did i move you cindy? can i get an amen? but the sucky thing is that i had to walk to school, cause my lady had to go to class. and when i was walking by the house with the tramatizing dog, it went crazy at me and i was scared. it was my first time walking on that side of the street.

softball. wow. mixed feelings. don't want to post them all either.

i'm sick of doing things for people. wait no, that came out wrong. i am sick of helping people who dont do their work or help me out in the same way that i helped them. it bothers me. a lot.

my grades are mega down.

sega. (i like that word)

I am quite pumped for the game tomorrow. I LOVE AWAY GAMES.
not that we have anything to compare them to.


ps. I HATE WHEN THINGS LIKE THAT HAPPEN. wanna know what happened?
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