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today was a fun day.

i went to swim, but the pool is not working and may not be till the begining of next week. so i sat and talked to meg tye, mel and my swimming ladies. second hour i had english, but i havent read Frank since the first section, so i had my lady pick me up. i came home and showered, packed megan tye a lunch (dont ask), and then took my lady out for her first slurpee, ever. i chilled at 7-11 with my lady for like half an hour, helping her pick out candy-trying to tell her that there really isnt healthy fruit in jolly ranchers. then i went to leadership. megan and i hung out with our slurpees, yeah we're hot! we know it! we shake out black booties and show it (name that quote***). then at lunch we (tye and i) had sign ups for senior-freshman softball game, and all we need is 5 more senior girls. yay! then i was really hungry, but ms warren only gave tye and i 10 minutes on our passes, so we couldnt leave to go and get food. we were gonna go back to tye's house, but i'm just not a badass/scared that mr doty will come and hunt me down into chinatown.
after school my lady came and got me and was like, "i made a cake". so i was like, wowo cool (cause she doesnt know who to cook). she was telling me how she like hunted the ingrediants down...fuck face--hey lady, i found the box!! nice try. then i went to the sball field, and it turns out that our game was not gonna happen cause of some mixup or something. so ali paulina and rob and i went to the guys game....and i, for the first time, really talked to billy lennox, which let me tell you---it has been one of the highlights of my 2004. what an awesome person doth that billy be! props to his parents, nice job guys!
so we hung out there for a bit, it was so cold, i just cant begin. then after the game, which we won, ali and pauli billy and i played in the park. then billy left and p and ali and i climbed a hill and hung out, the p's dada came for us.
i was gonna just go straight to Birtchstolk, but i was supposed to come home and make dinner first, cause my lady doesnt know how to. but when i walked in the door, she already had started cooking the taco meat. she however didnt know how, so when i asked her why she had started, she didnt know. she played the dumb, 'i dont speak english please dont deport me' role, and it pissed me off. so i left her with her pan of meat-and my dad to help her, haha. stupid lady. but i was so pissed that i didnt go to birtchsock, figure that one out. and im really pissed that i was so pissed, cause i hate being pissed off. better to be pissed off than pissed on, right? of course right (name that quote~~~)
so i got my dad to take me to dunhams (my favorite place of the moment) and got new sliding shorts. yay.
now i'm doing nothing, but im really tired. so i think im gonna go take a shower and hit the sack. 845

p.s. i miss my mommy.

***not another teen movie
~~~fiddler on the roof
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