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today, what a day.

i honestly dont care about school anymore. i spend my whole day thinking about softball. counting down the seconds until i can leave the classroom and get onto the field, and what an amazing feeling it actually is when i get there.

todays game looked promising. i got moved down one in the batting order cause tye was with us today. but its all cool cause I LOVE MEGAN TYE-a lot. so i batted third. i got 3 strikes, but then the catcher bobbled and then dropped the ball, so i stoll first. then i stoll second, then third, then home. wow i really like stealing. i started at centerfield. which i am begining to really enjoy. micky mantle started as an outfielder. there was this one ball, that was right between jess and me, and we were both running for it, and then jessie fell when she went to go get it, and i yelled at her cause she was laughing and sort of threw the ball to me.---and then the game went downhill for me from there. of course i felt aweful for yelling at jessie, cause it really wasnt her fault, i just got caught up in the moment of the play and blamed her for OUR mistake. i should have communicated with her more, sorry jessie. i caught a infield fly and made a good dive, like a real dive. and threw it while laying down. and it was cool cause i like rolled backwards, but then i hurt my neck and started to feel dizzy, but i didnt wanna come out, so i was like, oh im fine. robyn got thrown out cause she threw her bat, twice. sorry rob, youll remember next time, too bad you didnt hit anyone...i mean.... o! then my mum suprised me and left her meeting early to come and watch me! but i also get nervous when my family comes. and i feel bad cause she knows that its her that made her nervous, but she also knows that i am glad that she was there. however, after she got there, i started sucking. a lot. and i feel like i let the whole team down. i mean, i dont know, i realize of course that we lost with team effort, but i dont know, i just was in a really bad, no not bad--sad maybe? mood. i was swinging at shit pitches and it kept pissing me off the way the pitcher looked at me. maybe because i kept missing her shit pitches. so we were winning by 5, then lost by 5. i dont wanna talk about it anymore. and looking at this entry so far, if i had never met myself, i would think of joelle hecker as a very egotistical person, but i think i just needed to write (type?) it for my own good.
after the game, coach didnt want to talk about it either.
so we went to go watch the boys and jessie, linds, robyn and basically the whole team consoled me, thanks guys, you rock-mucho. the boys won, nice job guys.
on the ride home, i just stared into space, replaying the discusting game in my head.
i got a ride home from lindsay with al and paul. i dont like the way 'al and paul' look when typed, i feel like they are some random men, so here ali and paulina. my mum had made a good dinner for me (when does she ever not???) and then i went to lindsay's to watch friends. it was a good friends, but it kinda lacked someting, i dont know, the spark it used to have. hmmmm. im getting insitful about friends, wow.
then my mom came and got me and we went to dunhams. i LOVE dunhams. we went cause i needed a swimsuit and goggles for swim cause someone stole mine. not only did i get those. i also got a new rosin bag, cause my brother took mine. mit conditioner, cause he took that too. and these really cute baseball shirts, in like every color. also a new pair of soffees, can you ever have too many soffees? i think nay.
when i got home i talked to max, who i have not talked to in FOREVER, he got pretty cute, i must say. well anyway, for some unknown reason, i remembered it was his birthday, so happy birthday max, hope it was a good one.
then my mum helped with aka did one of my english worksheets because i did not know like half of those words and my interest in looking them up was minimal.
so now i am really very happy, and extreemly tired. what a day eh? and that was only seven hours. wow. i need some sleep. thanks for listening. next time it'll be less me and more you.

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