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one more day?...four more years. [04 Nov 2004|07:04pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]

four more years. four more years of job loss. four more years of expensive health care for those who can't affored it. four more years of tax cuts for the rich and none for the poor. four more years of anti-abortion laws. four more years of gay marriage beeing seen as a sin. four more years of going to hell, cause i don't believe in Jesus Christ. four more years of war. four more years of people dying of illnesses that could have been cured with the help of stem cells. four more years of perscription drug costs going up. four more years of people having to chose between medicine and food. four more years of a lowering economy. four more years of college tuition costs rising. four more years of beheadings and tourture in Iraq. four more years of the minimum wage beoming more and more minimum. four more years of what? four more years of Bush. Canada, Oh Canada.

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Senior Girls 2004 [15 Sep 2004|07:51pm]
[ mood | grateful ]

LAUREN DIAMOND -> Most likely to have RAN for V.P.
SHANNA RIFKIN-> Most likely to be evacuated
SAM SEGAL -> Most likely to run the world (4.4)
EMILY KAPLAN -> Most likely to be an aerobics instructor
JODIE SCHRAM -> Most likely to have her name appear in lights
ALANA BALBES -> Most likely to end up in a love triange
JANA GOODBAUM -> Most likely to be an Orley
ERICA SHCECTER -> Most likely to be the Outdoor Fun Lady
MARISSA FAITELSON -> Most likely to be a personal shopper
ALISON VANEK -> Most likely to be a tree hugger
SARA GURZA ->Most likely to be a Rabbi
LISA SNIDER -> Most likely to be a basketball star
JESSICA BRAND -> Most likely to be a hair model
JACKIE GLAZIER -> Most likely to work for Kleenex
DANA SCHEIBE -> Most likely to be on South Park
LAURIE RUBEN -> Most likely to be a professional dancer
MAYAAN COHEN -> Most likely to earn a missing person drill
LIRAZ COHEN -> Most likely to swim her heart out
HANNA CHADWICK -> Most likely to get married
JOELLE HECKER -> Most likely to be arrested in a protest
NATALIE KAISER -> Most likely to scream her head off
REBECCA BASKIN -> Most likely to be Prime Minister
HALEY PASCAL -> Most likely to have a litter
SAM FLORENCE -> Most likely to be related to Jana
SARAH JACOBS -> Most likely to live in Forest Hill
ALLY BASEN -> Most likely to marry a C.I.T.
SHEILA TYNER _> Most likely to be a Pioneer Section Head
ROB HERZIG -> Most likely to be a Senior Girl
SENIOR GIRLS -> Most likely to be remembered as the girls who stole the mirror and most likely to be CITs 2005

You should never let the sun set on tomorrow,
before the sun raises today.

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[07 Sep 2004|12:43am]
[ mood | full ]

never done one of those, but it makes me look like i throw good parties?

yeah, no.

so...how was your weekend?

LJ House Party by fayray
The DJsmokes_cupcakes
The Drunktango_withdaddy
The Hottiefalling_for_u77
The Wallflowertaygonewildpt2
The Playerhey_bulldog
The Gamblerits_the_bends
The Horny Onejethrotull
The Crasherjall_beezy
The Love Interestfree_the_ducks4
How many people got laid91
Chances the party will be a sucess: 93%
Quiz created with MemeGen!
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[28 Aug 2004|01:40pm]
[ mood | happy ]

the beatles are a really good band. although this is common knowledge, i dont think that i have really closely listened enough to completely and fully appreciate them. now i do.

school, eh. i don't hate anyone or anything, just really dislike. For example.
-Ms. Isabel, for affectionatly known as ms. isabitch to many of
her students. i just don't like her, as a person, teacher, etc.
what a dull human.
-The subject of math. although i really like mr. ross, and the
people in my class, i just cant deal with math. one cannot argue
one's point. it is either right or wrong. i don't like it. and
perosnally, i dont care what the slope is, what x equals or
anything of the like. However, on a more positive math note, i
do enjoy arithmatic, adding, multiplying...o yeah, thats the
good stuff.
-I love language. I love to travel. I hope to one day work at the
N, to be an ambassador, amoung other things. Therefore, i am
taking both French and Spanish. I have a feeling that i will not
be learning much french this year. So far the things that i have
learned in French are....1-do not drink dasani water, which i am
not a fan of already, if you would like an 'a' in french. 2-ms.
thompson "like to get wild" 3-ms.thompson almost hooked up with
one of my many ex-au pairs, julian.
Yeah i know.

well i'll continue complaining after i do some homework.
this entry is getting too long for comfort.

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[21 Aug 2004|09:03pm]
[ mood | sad ]

so give me a little credit
have in me a little faith
I wanna be with you forever
if tomorrow's not too late

senior girls 2004 i love you all so much. best 8 weeks ever.

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ring ring [20 Jun 2004|07:41pm]
[ mood | crappy ]

camp starts in 7days

i am very carsick. i just got home from new york. my cousin's wedding consisted of not much other than eating.

camp starts in 7days

i really wanna hang out with a lot of people this weed cause i'm gonna be gone for the rest of the summer.

camp starts in 7days

ok, this entry blows.

did i meantion that camp starts in 7days?

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[17 Jun 2004|07:58am]
[ mood | creative ]

i'm leaving for my cousin's wedding in a few minutes and sadly, i'm not as excited as maybe i should be. oh well. i dont like traveling when i'm sick.

for the past 3ish days i was quite sick, on tuesday i was REALLLLLLLLLLLY sick. but i feel kinda better now.

last night was the banquet which was very enjoyable.

well i'm outie (what?! i'm excited for i love the 90s)

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[13 Jun 2004|11:24am]
[ mood | sick ]

The Olsen Twins are now legal.

happy birthday.

no! i'm not a crazy fan, I'm just....a crazy fan?

nevermind, ignor this whole entry, i sound like a large topless man who hasn't had sex since his mother made him a man when she was drunk and he was 10.

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so good [12 Jun 2004|09:04pm]
school is over.

muchas gracias, to whomever is responsible for that.

finals sucked ass. it sucked large crusty pudgy ass. with curly hairs coming out of it.
thats how much.

even though lindsay lohan is really hot, she cannot host an award show. this is almost as bad as SNL was. she should just go straight to video...and i dont mean like "Lifesize" did.

i'm annoyingly sick. i dislike being sick, especially during summer vacation.

today i went shopping wiht my mom for my cousin's wedding. i got two dresses and some regular clothes.

i love you,
be nice

127 [30 May 2004|02:32pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]

"we got mercied"

-the OTHER team

So its somewhat old news, who cares? its GOOD news.

wowzie, i havent updated in a while.
i've been icky sicky for a while
i am really going to have to work hard in school cause i have been fucking around like no other. I'm trying to do my bio right now, well i've actually sort of quit, but i have NO clue what the heck hes talking about in some of these possible essays! Like when did we observe worms?!? anyone? anyone? no? yeah i didnt think so!
if you'd like to help, lemme know.

my stomach hurts

the number 127 is an interesting number
the possibilites are ENDLESS

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the greatest anniversary gift...ever [15 May 2004|01:27pm]
[ mood | calm ]

Slugs and snails are after me
DDT keeps me happy
guess who I had lunch with on thursday

this weekend we had a sball tourney.
came in fourth.

now i'm watching cartoons with my little brother.
and i'm really enjoying him.
i like to watch him eat.

that's all folks.

well until i start my english homework.

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[08 May 2004|10:01pm]
[ mood | tired ]

today was nice.

softball tourney. we did fine.
it was near this reallllly nice outdoor mall and my mommy promised me a shopping day there. yay, i love you mommy.
we then headed over to my brother's game, but they were already done. so we shleped for nothing. ick.
but then i came home and hung out with my lady for a while, even tho i was too tired to move. i really like her. shes like someone to hang our with, that lives with me. then i fell asleep. and slept. and now i'm up. good night. (is that what you say when you wake up at night?)

waiting up for SNL. hope it doesnt blow like it did last week. although quite large and unexpected, lindsay lohan's breasts are not an hour of funny.

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[05 May 2004|11:02pm]
i am sad. i am not happy. i am not feeling as greatful right now as i should. and that is what i need to feel right now no matter how selfish it is. i dont care. I'm sick of having to care for others way before i even consider myself. i'm sick of doing other people's work and feeling bad when i can't. I'm sick of hearing my parents tell me if my grades dont pick up, i'm not going to camp. i'm sick of hearing what my parents say they're going to do to jose, and then not doing it. i'm sick of feeling like i have to live up to what i think my parents standards are. i'm sick of feeling like i have to be the superheros my mom and dad are. i'm sick of being scared of my dad. i'm sick of feeling guilty that my life is perfect compared to what my mom's was, dad too. i'm sick of not getting enough sleep. i'm sick of not having enough time to run. i'm sick not having enough time to play my guitar, or bass. i'm sick of knowing that even though i close my bedroom door when i leave in the morning, jose will be in there in half an hour stealing something; money, jewelry, clothes (yeah i know, clothes). i'm sick of it being 1030, and my parents having no the slightest idea of where my brother is, because he just left. i'm sick of my family being so, differnt. i'm sick of people just thinking about themselves. i'm sick of not just thinking about myself. i'm sick of it all. i'm sick of being sick of it.
be nice

its good to see you here again, i thought you almost died. [04 May 2004|08:48pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

i wanted to update. but i didnt, until i had a lot of work to do.

this morning i didnt go to any of my classes, cause my mom is cool. i was supposed to go to the doc's to have him look at my head cause i couldnt see straight and i was all wobbly. (i got hit at practice yesterday)but instead, i just slept. when my lady woke me up, i finished my spansih project and history. i had my lady deliver my spansih project, but i went in to do our history project. it went REALLY well. did i move you cindy? can i get an amen? but the sucky thing is that i had to walk to school, cause my lady had to go to class. and when i was walking by the house with the tramatizing dog, it went crazy at me and i was scared. it was my first time walking on that side of the street.

softball. wow. mixed feelings. don't want to post them all either.

i'm sick of doing things for people. wait no, that came out wrong. i am sick of helping people who dont do their work or help me out in the same way that i helped them. it bothers me. a lot.

my grades are mega down.

sega. (i like that word)

I am quite pumped for the game tomorrow. I LOVE AWAY GAMES.
not that we have anything to compare them to.


ps. I HATE WHEN THINGS LIKE THAT HAPPEN. wanna know what happened?

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[29 Apr 2004|10:49pm]
[ mood | amused ]

you smoke = only with my mother.

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[28 Apr 2004|10:40pm]
[ mood | dirty ]

Baby, and I come into you
Hike up your skirt a little more
And show the world to me
Hike up your skirt a little more
And show your world to me
In a boy's dream

...oooo dave, you are dirty.

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[27 Apr 2004|08:33pm]
[ mood | tired ]

today was a fun day.

i went to swim, but the pool is not working and may not be till the begining of next week. so i sat and talked to meg tye, mel and my swimming ladies. second hour i had english, but i havent read Frank since the first section, so i had my lady pick me up. i came home and showered, packed megan tye a lunch (dont ask), and then took my lady out for her first slurpee, ever. i chilled at 7-11 with my lady for like half an hour, helping her pick out candy-trying to tell her that there really isnt healthy fruit in jolly ranchers. then i went to leadership. megan and i hung out with our slurpees, yeah we're hot! we know it! we shake out black booties and show it (name that quote***). then at lunch we (tye and i) had sign ups for senior-freshman softball game, and all we need is 5 more senior girls. yay! then i was really hungry, but ms warren only gave tye and i 10 minutes on our passes, so we couldnt leave to go and get food. we were gonna go back to tye's house, but i'm just not a badass/scared that mr doty will come and hunt me down into chinatown.
after school my lady came and got me and was like, "i made a cake". so i was like, wowo cool (cause she doesnt know who to cook). she was telling me how she like hunted the ingrediants down...fuck face--hey lady, i found the box!! nice try. then i went to the sball field, and it turns out that our game was not gonna happen cause of some mixup or something. so ali paulina and rob and i went to the guys game....and i, for the first time, really talked to billy lennox, which let me tell you---it has been one of the highlights of my 2004. what an awesome person doth that billy be! props to his parents, nice job guys!
so we hung out there for a bit, it was so cold, i just cant begin. then after the game, which we won, ali and pauli billy and i played in the park. then billy left and p and ali and i climbed a hill and hung out, the p's dada came for us.
i was gonna just go straight to Birtchstolk, but i was supposed to come home and make dinner first, cause my lady doesnt know how to. but when i walked in the door, she already had started cooking the taco meat. she however didnt know how, so when i asked her why she had started, she didnt know. she played the dumb, 'i dont speak english please dont deport me' role, and it pissed me off. so i left her with her pan of meat-and my dad to help her, haha. stupid lady. but i was so pissed that i didnt go to birtchsock, figure that one out. and im really pissed that i was so pissed, cause i hate being pissed off. better to be pissed off than pissed on, right? of course right (name that quote~~~)
so i got my dad to take me to dunhams (my favorite place of the moment) and got new sliding shorts. yay.
now i'm doing nothing, but im really tired. so i think im gonna go take a shower and hit the sack. ...at 845

p.s. i miss my mommy.

***not another teen movie
~~~fiddler on the roof

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stick a baseball bat in my ass? [24 Apr 2004|11:06am]
[ mood | content ]

wow. are you dreading this coming week? cause i sure am. my mum left for this thing for work like 10 minutes ago for the week, and we've already had some baby-mama-drama up in herre. my dad is near usless, other than his pay check, of course. i dont really feel like explaining the past 5 second's baby-mama, but you'll hear PLENTY of it before the week is over.

softball yesterday, mmmmmm, i love it. we had our first tourney, i did fine, a few hits, steals and some nice catches- nothing really impressive tho, (other than get a little tan) but i'm only 1/16 of the team. we won our first game ever! yay! we got mercied in game one, then won, then lost. 4th. not too shabby for having as little experience as a lot of our team does. nice job ladies. i played every inning of every game, which i'm not gonna lie, i loved. but when i got home, wow i was so amazingly tired. i took a shower, watched the last 2/3 of the wedding singer that i didnt finish friday night. then fell asleep at 5...and woke up at 7. 14 hours of sleep, amazing. if i had that much every night, i'd be a MUCHO happier person.

friday was fun. we didn't have practice :( cause coach had a family emergency, but we stayed and played for like 10 minutes. then everyone else left and went to go watch the JV game. me and z stayed back and i caught for her. her pitching is getting better. after like 5 minutes, these 3 little boys come and i staring at us and making annoying comments about how we pitch underhand. after liek another 12 minutes, they as if they can play with us. so we play with them for like 30-45 minutes. then as we were leaving, i go to get my bag and z is still on the field and one of the little rats askes her for her and my name and shes tells him, then he asks for her number, wihtout thinking about the question (especially cause it came from an eleven year old_ zoy said 13. however, he meant her phone number, when she refuses, he comes over to be and says what about you?, whats yours?....ahhhh? illegal please? i played it cool (like the pimpette i am) and said that we'd see them again soon and that they should come and watch us.
after that, zoy and i walked to community fields and watched a little JV and tossed around with paulina and jessica/jackie (sorry guys). this man turns to us and yells at us, so we go behind the bleachers and paulina and j/j tell us that they had seen him hit his kid before, i hate that. so we played for a bit more and when the game was over we walked back to zoya's and paulina's terry came and got us. 40 minutes later i went to go pick up pauli and z and we went to moose joose. (which i still call moosejaw every now and again) i really wanted to see in all honesty, and they were awesome. augustine, amazing as usual. also ODR was really good, what else is new? when ODR started playing, pauli z and i went and nearly fell asleep on a couch, (not cause we were bored, but cause we were super tired). somehow tho, paulina and zoya got on the topic of dancing, ballroom dancing. so paulina was teaching zoy how to box step, then paulina and eric were dancing and zoya and i got it one. i must say, i am quite the dancer. then ODR was done and we decided to go home (we were gonna go to church, but it was too late, no not really-i was kidding) so we called my dad (my lady was off) and he came and got russell, zoy and pauli and i and we went to get slurppies....mmmm so good. after we dropped them off i came home, and hung out with myself and watched part of wedding singer and went to sleep.

ok, so i did my weekend a little out of order here. oh well, youre smart-you can figure it out

now i have to do 5 weeks of history, cause ms allen doesnt check for it in class.

not sure what else to say.

ok i'm done.

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[22 Apr 2004|11:23pm]
[ mood | grateful ]

today, what a day.

i honestly dont care about school anymore. i spend my whole day thinking about softball. counting down the seconds until i can leave the classroom and get onto the field, and what an amazing feeling it actually is when i get there.

todays game looked promising. i got moved down one in the batting order cause tye was with us today. but its all cool cause I LOVE MEGAN TYE-a lot. so i batted third. i got 3 strikes, but then the catcher bobbled and then dropped the ball, so i stoll first. then i stoll second, then third, then home. wow i really like stealing. i started at centerfield. which i am begining to really enjoy. micky mantle started as an outfielder. there was this one ball, that was right between jess and me, and we were both running for it, and then jessie fell when she went to go get it, and i yelled at her cause she was laughing and sort of threw the ball to me.---and then the game went downhill for me from there. of course i felt aweful for yelling at jessie, cause it really wasnt her fault, i just got caught up in the moment of the play and blamed her for OUR mistake. i should have communicated with her more, sorry jessie. i caught a infield fly and made a good dive, like a real dive. and threw it while laying down. and it was cool cause i like rolled backwards, but then i hurt my neck and started to feel dizzy, but i didnt wanna come out, so i was like, oh im fine. robyn got thrown out cause she threw her bat, twice. sorry rob, youll remember next time, too bad you didnt hit anyone...i mean.... o! then my mum suprised me and left her meeting early to come and watch me! but i also get nervous when my family comes. and i feel bad cause she knows that its her that made her nervous, but she also knows that i am glad that she was there. however, after she got there, i started sucking. a lot. and i feel like i let the whole team down. i mean, i dont know, i realize of course that we lost with team effort, but i dont know, i just was in a really bad, no not bad--sad maybe? mood. i was swinging at shit pitches and it kept pissing me off the way the pitcher looked at me. maybe because i kept missing her shit pitches. so we were winning by 5, then lost by 5. i dont wanna talk about it anymore. and looking at this entry so far, if i had never met myself, i would think of joelle hecker as a very egotistical person, but i think i just needed to write (type?) it for my own good.
after the game, coach didnt want to talk about it either.
so we went to go watch the boys and jessie, linds, robyn and basically the whole team consoled me, thanks guys, you rock-mucho. the boys won, nice job guys.
on the ride home, i just stared into space, replaying the discusting game in my head.
i got a ride home from lindsay with al and paul. i dont like the way 'al and paul' look when typed, i feel like they are some random men, so here ali and paulina. my mum had made a good dinner for me (when does she ever not???) and then i went to lindsay's to watch friends. it was a good friends, but it kinda lacked someting, i dont know, the spark it used to have. hmmmm. im getting insitful about friends, wow.
then my mom came and got me and we went to dunhams. i LOVE dunhams. we went cause i needed a swimsuit and goggles for swim cause someone stole mine. not only did i get those. i also got a new rosin bag, cause my brother took mine. mit conditioner, cause he took that too. and these really cute baseball shirts, in like every color. also a new pair of soffees, can you ever have too many soffees? i think nay.
when i got home i talked to max, who i have not talked to in FOREVER, he got pretty cute, i must say. well anyway, for some unknown reason, i remembered it was his birthday, so happy birthday max, hope it was a good one.
then my mum helped with aka did one of my english worksheets because i did not know like half of those words and my interest in looking them up was minimal.
so now i am really very happy, and extreemly tired. what a day eh? and that was only seven hours. wow. i need some sleep. thanks for listening. next time it'll be less me and more you.


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[20 Apr 2004|10:00pm]
because i have nothing better to (other than study for bio, which i am going to fail) i do this....
fun ol' thingCollapse )
be nice

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